About Us

Absi-india is a global software and services company, with partnership as our service philosophy.

About us

Customer Service...

A total Information Technology (IT) solution provider, absi-india offers high performing consultants that bring value starting the 1st day they are working for our clients.

How we are Different...

  • Multi-Platform Expertise
  • Short and Long Term Assignments
  • Experienced & Qualified Consultants
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Long Term Business Association Plan
  • Monthly Rate for Consulting Services
  • Same Cost anywhere in the US
  • Offshore Development Center

Our Products...

have a proven record of accomplishment of providing a return on investment in weeks, not years.

Our Consultants...

Are highly sought after by our customers because of the quality work they deliver and the dedication they bring to their assignments.

Contact Info

B-278 CR Park
New Delhi-110019

+91 1126275929

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